The purple horse – ‘Hand in Hand for the region’

The purple horse has been the ambassador of the international horse show in Frankfurt since 2016 and collects every year donations for charitable projects. The life-size purple horse gets its uniqueness from golden handprints of prominent riders and personalities.

With the charity campaign purple horse the partners of the IFRF show their solidarity with the Frankfurt metropolitan area and bundle their commitment for a good cause.

This year, two initiatives are being supported that promote children and young people in their school and personal development and thus enable them to have better educational opportunities:

  • Arriving in Frankfurt am Main
  • Diesterweg-Stipendium in Offenbach

Arriving in Frankfurt am Main

ZuBaKa gGmbH (Zukunftsbaukasten) has set itself the goal of giving children and young people the resources they need to successfully pass through our education system, regardless of their background and social conditions.

With the project “Arriving in Frankfurt am Main”, newly immigrated pupils are supported in their arrival in the school and social environment. A total of eight intensive classes will be supported in the current school year 2022/2023, with a special focus on schools that have taken in a particularly large number of pupils from Ukraine. The Purple Horse promotes an intensive class.

Specially trained ZuBaKa scouts support the pupils over the course of an entire school year in arriving at school, in their new social environment and in learning German. In addition, language-sensitive project units with excursions are prepared in cooperation with the teachers of the schools, so that topics of arrival can be linked with language support and socio-educational elements.

We are pleased to be able to support the ZuBaKa team and the ZuBaKa scouts in Frankfurt with this year’s charity campaign.

Diesterweg-Stipendium in Offenbach

The Diesterweg Scholarship was developed by the Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt. It is the first educational scholarship for families in Germany that provides targeted support for gifted and motivated children on their way from primary to secondary school, while at the same time involving parents in the process.

Through the scholarship, the gifted children can overcome existing educational barriers that exist due to their background or social environment. Since 2015, the Diesterweg Scholarship in Offenbach has supported young people in their development, overcoming social or societal barriers.

The charity campaign Lila Pferd has already supported the Diesterweg Scholarship in Offenbach in previous years. We are very pleased to be able to continue this sponsorship this year.

Together Hand in Hand for the Region!

Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff

The Lila Pferd 2019

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Frankfurt, 11th. December 2019. The purple horse, ambassador of the International Festhalle riding tournament in Frankfurt, is going on a journey. The life-size, purple horse figure stops at the supporters of the ‘Hand in Hand for the Region’ campaign. Special campaigns and interview partners await the purple horse at each of the nine stations. A photo and film team ensures exceptional productions and great pictures. These are made available to press representatives on request.

We would be delighted if you would support the social campaign ‘Hand in Hand for the Region’ with your reporting.

Purple Horse collects over 40,000 euros

The purple horse, which traveled for the ‘Hand in Hand for the Region’ initiative and stopped at ten different locations with friends and sponsors, raised over 40,000 euros for the Milena refugee cafe. There women and girls find a contact point for worries and needs and a shelter and help. For the first time, the Purple Horse went on a journey with Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff and found so many friends and ‘feed dispensers’ straight away, in the Festhalle came the impressive five-figure sum together.