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The purple horse - hand in hand for the region

The life-size purple horse is our ambassador of the tournament at this year's 51st International Festhalle Riding Tournament Frankfurt for the seventh year now. With this charity campaign, the partners and visitors of the tournament show their solidarity with the metropolitan region and bundle their commitment to selected projects and people who need support.

The purple horse is given its unique character by the golden handprints of supporters, prominent riders and personalities. As the highlight of the charity campaign, the Purple Horse will be raffled off at the Frankfurt International Festival Horse Show.

This year, two initiatives will be supported that promote the educational and personal development of children and young people with a migrant or refugee background, thus giving them better educational opportunities:

  • Arriving at School and City of Frankfurt am Main
  • Diesterweg scholarship for primary school children and their families in Offenbach

Arriving in Frankfurt am Main

The ongoing war situation in Ukraine continues to cause a sharp increase in the number of integration classes in Frankfurt, in which refugee children are admitted to schools, and has reached the highest level in Frankfurt to date.

ZuBaKa gGmbH's "Arriving at school and in the city of Frankfurt" project supports newly arrived pupils in their arrival at school, in their new social environment and in learning German in intensive classes. This is implemented by specially trained ZuBaKa scouts, who work closely with school teachers to support pupils throughout the entire school year during the integration process.

Eight intensive classes have already been supported in the 2022/2023 school year. The project is now being continued in the current school year 2023/ 2024 with eight intensive classes at six schools. This is made possible by the partnership between the Polytechnische Gesellschaft Foundation, the Aventis Foundation, the ODDO BHF Foundation, the charitable Hertie Foundation and the Linsenhoff Foundation.

We are delighted to be able to continue supporting the ZuBaKa team and the ZuBaKa scouts in Frankfurt with this year's charity campaign.


Diesterweg-Stipendium in Offenbach

The Diesterweg Scholarship was developed by the Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt. It is the first educational scholarship for families in Germany that specifically supports gifted and motivated children on their way from elementary school to secondary school and at the same time involves the parents in the process.

The scholarship enables gifted children to overcome existing educational barriers that exist due to their background or social environment. Since 2015, the Diesterweg Scholarship in Offenbach has been supporting young people in their development and thus overcoming social or societal barriers.

In September of this year, 16 pupils from 7 Offenbach elementary school and their families were accepted into the current scholarship as the 5th generation. They will now embark on their "Diester journey" for the next two years.

The Lila Pferd charity campaign has already supported the Diesterweg scholarship in Offenbach in previous years. We are delighted to be able to continue this support this year.

Working hand in hand for the region!


Children's home competition

Who is not familiar with the impressively designed obstacles that can be seen every year on the course of the Hessian Grand Prix? These obstacles are known for being painted with great joy by children from Hessian homes and children from social institutions for families.

The large spectator evaluation and awarding of prizes for the obstacles before the jump-off of the Grand Prix has been taking place for more than 25 years now.

At the same time, the children experience a special day in the festival hall and go home with shining eyes, a smile on their faces and a small gift bag.


Christmas tree campaign

The big Christmas tree at the IFRF, under which anyone can place Christmas presents, has become a tradition. In recent years, many hundreds of parcels have been brought along by visitors, participants, exhibitors and sponsors, placed under the tree and then - just in time for Christmas - found their way to socially disadvantaged families thanks to dedicated support, bringing a smile to children's faces.

We are sure that the IFRF community will live the idea of "being there for each other and focusing on responsible and warm cooperation" and will put a smile on many faces this Christmas.